Life Story

From the moment I learned to stand up, I knew that I preferred sitting down. And that's when I decided to be a writer.

Fast forward ten years. Then another twelve. And you'll find me seated in my first job, working as a comic book editor. That's where I learned about stories, and started to write my own. My first published story was in the Action Man comic, about the time Action Man was chased by an evil robotic Action Man. It was a real tearjerker. Since then I've written comics for Disney, Warner Bros. and Nickelodeon.

Despite my preference for sitting, I've also performed a lot of stand-up comedy on the London circuit, the Edinburgh Festival, and once – for four minutes – on BBC Radio 2. Eventually, the combination of comedy and comics led me to the strange and scary world of Gorillaz, where for the past two years I've been writing lots of stories, dialogue and digital content for Jamie Hewlett and that other guy.

And there we have it.

All the best.