Multi-platform content

Lead content writer for virtual band Gorillaz, creating narrative
and dialogue for animated band members across their two latest
multi-platform campaigns, Humanz and The Now Now.

Designed narrative and scripted character responses for the official Gorillaz Free Murdoc chatbot, which went immediately viral.

Written dialogue for music videos and virtual band members' press interviews, like this one for Vice / Noisey.

I've also written character content for The Brit Awards, Vice,
AV Club, NME, The Q Awards, Mixmag, Redbull, iTunes.

This and this are animated character backstories I helped
make for Gorillaz' Instagram.

This is a bio on singer 2D, for a promo with T-Mobile.

And this is a picture of a camel.


All Gorillaz images created by Monsieur Jamie Hewlett